The REAL console wars have just begun.
―The film's tagline

Revolt Squad (originally produced under the working title The Console Wars) is a 1998 American animated satirical comedy puff film produced by TjsWorld2011 Entertainment and Pyro R. Productions for Warner Bros. It was the third feature film produced by TW2011 Entertainment, as well as the first film produced by Pyro R. Productions. It tells the story of a teen video gamer who learns about how the developer of him and his friends' favorite PlayStation game (which is also the highest-selling PlayStation title of all time) was actually a developer at Nintendo before coming to Sony to develop the game. Although most of his three friends don't believe him on it and he eventually admits it to be far-fetched, the news spreads around the country and eventually to the whole world. In Japan, Sony finds out about this revelation, and soon urges the Japanese government to declare war on the United States (but mostly on the US headquarters of Nintendo). Now, the four must put a stop to what they inadvertently started before it destroys the video game industry.

TjsWorld2011 originally conceived the idea for the film's plot in 1996, but kept the piece of paper that he wrote it down on in an "idea bin". Eventually, he told his co-worker Pyro R. about it, who was interested in the idea and was encouraged to help him adapt it into a film. Its score was composed by John Debney.

Revolt Squad was originally scheduled to be released on August 21, 1998, but was pushed back to August 7 to avoid competition with New Line Cinema's Blade. It received mostly positive reviews from critics. It was later released on DVD, VHS and LaserDisc on January 5, 1999.


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Further info: Revolt Squad: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Revolt Squad: Original Motion Picture Score

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Box officeEdit

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Critical receptionEdit

The film received mostly positive reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 73%.

Home mediaEdit

Revolt Squad was released on DVD, VHS and Laserdisc on December 4, 1998.

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