The following is a collection of transcripts of trailers for the 1998 film Revolt Squad.

Teaser trailerEdit

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Theatrical trailer 1Edit

(MPAA green screen.)

(Fade into a computer-animated solar system with the camera passing behind Jupiter to see the Earth.)

Announcer: A force that could threaten the entire balance of the world is about to come from within.

Announcer: This summer, prepare for an all new adventure...

(The camera begins to zoom into the Earth.)

Announcer: And see how one person will make all the difference...

(The scene suddenly zooms out to show Eric furiously playing a game sitting in front of the TV, with Wendy and David on the couch behind him.)

Wendy: Eric, you're sweating! Why not take a break?

Eric: No! I'm not finished yet!

("The Payback" by James Brown begins to play as the camera zooms out to show the 1992 Warner Bros. logo.)

(Cut to the inside of the Sony manufacturing plant, with Mr. Hashimoto, Mr. Kinawa and the group of press members walking in the middle of it.)

Hashimoto: Welcome to the Sony manufacturing plant...

(Shows them stopping as the group looks up to take pictures of the machines.)

Hashimoto: Where our great game business thrives.

(One of the press members raises her hand.)

Press Member: Are you aware of the recent scandal going on involving Sony's game division?

(The scene slides right to show the newspaper.)

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