The Hub is a 1995 American animated comedy puff film produced by TjsWorld2011 Entertainment for Paramount Pictures. It was the second feature film produced by TW2011 Entertainment, as well as its first to be distributed by Paramount, who would later become a prominent distributor of many of its films. The film tells the story of four middle school students who win internships at MTV to be hosts at live events, but they slowly begin to drift apart from each other and succumb to fame's desires, so they must come back together to cover the biggest live event in MTV's history.

The film was released on August 11, 1995 by Paramount Pictures to mostly positive reviews from critics. It was later released on VHS and LaserDisc on December 12, 1995.


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The film's accompanying soundtrack album was released on July 18, 1995 through Atlantic Records. It was originally released in three formats: Compact Disc, vinyl, and cassette. It was the first TW2011 film soundtrack to be released through the Atlantic label.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Love Is a Battlefield" - Pat Benatar
  2. "Like A Virgin" - Madonna
  3. "Heart of Glass" - Blondie
  4. "Sade" - Kenny G
  5. "That's All" - Genesis
  6. "Bette Davis Eyes" - Kim Carnes
  7. "Shoot to Thrill" - AC/DC
  8. "Run to You" - Bryan Adams
  9. "Faith" (Radio Edit) - George Michael
  10. "Closer to You" (Radio Edit) - Gwen Guthrie
  11. "Push It" - Salt-n-Pepa
  12. "If I Saw You Again" - Pages
  13. "Zoolook" - Jean Michel Jarre
  14. "Leave Me Alone" - Michael Jackson


Box officeEdit

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Critical receptionEdit

The film received mostly positive reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 69%.

Home mediaEdit

The film was released on VHS and LaserDisc on December 12, 1995.

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